Nowadays, the wifi signals of any router must be fast and have a long range. Every third person facing a low wifi signal problem in their house/office. Few of them bought a new wifi device or new router to ease their life to use the internet freely without interruption. We describe two methods on how to convert PTCL modem to the router or wifi extender.

Convert PTCL Modem to Router

Why not use that modem and convert that PTCL modem to the router. What you need to use the PTCL modem as a Router so here the method it’s working 100% just follow the steps below.?

  • 2 PTCL routers ( one of which you are already using as your modem and a second spare lying around).
  • LAN Cable to connect both Routers.

We have shared a step by step guide on how to change PTCL router into a Wi-Fi device or repeater. To convert PTCL modem to router.

  1. Reset Router.

    There is an small hidden button at the back of router use it.

  2. Connect Router to your PC/Laptop using LAN.

  3. Open admin page of PTCL router. or .

    For old routers PTCL admin IP is or for new PTCL routers

  4. Login using Name: admin and Password: admin.

    if admin doesn’t work, find the password at the bottom of the router

  5. Click Advanced Settings > LAN

  6. Change IP Address to (it’s because you don’t want both routers’ IP’s to conflict. If your first router has an IP then you may change second router’s IP to

  7. Router may reboot and you have to login to IP homepage i.e. that you just set in the previous step.

  8. After the page refreshes to, log in again if asked.

  9. Go to wireless settings and change the name (SSID) to what you want, then change password in security options keeping encryption type TKIP+AES

  10. Once everything is done, Final step is to Go back to Advanced Setup > LAN and Tick “Disable DHCP”.

  11. Connect second router to the main router/modem using a LAN Cable and reboot the second router.

  12. Wait few seconds and check to see if the second router is working.

Note: Do not mess with or tinker with your main router/modem which is already in use and working. You only need to modify the second spare router.

PTCL Modem as a Wifi Router:

Most of them don’t want to buy an extra TP-link router so you can convert you PTCL modem as a WiFi router. Here is the video shows how to do it.

PTCL Modem as a Wifi Router:

  • Login to PTCL admin panel via ( or ).
  • Username (admin) and password (admin).
  • Go to Advanced Setup > LAN.
  • Change IP address (if change to and vise versa.
  • Click Apply/save. .
  • Login again to PTCL admin with the IP (
  • Go to Advanced setup > Layer 2 Interface > ETH interface.
  • Click on add button and select eth0/eth0.. click apply and save.
  • Click on WAN services, select all and click remove if any available.
  • Click on add button and choose eth0/eth0 you define in step 3.
  • Click next and select IP over ethernet and click next.
  • Check Enable NAT and IGMP multicast.
  • Now click next and then next and apply and save.

Your router is ready and converted to PTCL wireless router to connect with other device.

Now if you want to make the second router a Repeater follow these steps:

  • Go to Wireless Settings (Choose all the same settings for both routers including the same names, same passwords, same bands and same CHANNELS.
Can we convert PTCL modem to the router to use it as a WIFI extender? If yes how we can do it?

Yes, if you have an old PTCL router with no use? you can convert the PTCL modem to the router by following the methods shared above and we can extend it and use it as a WiFi extender.

I disable DHCP from router and unable to go PTCL admin login?

Once you disable DHCP, you will not be able to login to that router again, in case you want to edit the name or password, you’ll have to RESET using the reset button at the back of the router and follow instructions from the first step.