USA, a dream destination for many Asians and those under developed countries where citizens strive for their basic necessities. People having USA citizenship have a great traveling power. Americans can fly to 147 countries without ever need to stamp visa. Where as many countries like Pakistan, India Bangladesh and rest needs it most. This does not affect the overall travel cost but also the process of visa is also a hassle for many; as it demands many documents from the individual. Whereas for those lucky born American and British nationals, it makes international travel both cheaper and easier for them. Citizens of many other countries, like those of South Sudan can only enter 28 countries without a visa.

The 10 highest-ranking countries and the number of countries their citizens can visit without a visa are; Finland, Japan, Singapore which can enter143 countries without prior visa. Sweden and Italy has access to 143 countries around the globe, while France, Germany and South Korea can travel 145 countries without prior need to stamp visa whereas USA and UK citizens ranks the top with 147 countries around the globe.

Still its seen no matter what the procedure is and what process one has to go through to attain visa; travelers are born every minute at every site. Travel is a journey of life, it builds memories that one can cherish for life long. People from every all sects and all walk of life love to travel irrespective of these via hassle which are just borders and ties which could not lessen the passion and love of travelling for those who live for it.