Active Sensor:

Active sensor is a kind of sensor which simply sense and as a result respond to some type of resistance/input from the physical environment. Active sensor needs an external source of power to operate the device.

In the technique of remote sensing, an active sensor transmit and sends out a signal or wavelength(light) or electrons to be bounced off a target. Moreover active sensor gathered the data by sensing and sends it’s reflection to inform.

Active/passive sensor technology both can be use for the environmental sensing. By sensors we can gather different measurement and observations from distance. Sensors are used by many organization like forest controls for harsh environments that are far and inaccessible to people.

Difference Between Active and Passive Sensors

Active Sensors Passive Sensors
Active sensor produce electric voltage or current in response to the environmental change/stimulation. Passive sensor generates a change in quantity of electrical energy, e.g. resistance, inductance, or capacitance as a result of environmental changes.
Active sensors provide their own energy source for illumination. Passive sensors generate energy when the natural energy (like sunlight) is available.
Active sensors are able to obtain measurements anytime (day & night) Passive sensors can obtain measurements only in the Day time

Uses of Active Sensors

Active sensors now a days widely used for manufacturing purpose or near networking devices etc. Sensors are usually used to monitor and gather the information of industrial machines. server areas and data center also monitors by those sensors so anomalies can be detected and gets repaired.