Does your Puppy have what it takes for dog sports?

Your young puppy may be a candidate for one or more dog sports. Most dogs are developed for a specific function. Although modern pet dogs may not be required to graze sheep or pick up ducks, they still have skills. Most importantly, many of our puppies also have a car to carry out their specialty.

Dog sports offer modern animals the ability to perform these specialized skills in competitions that highlight their skills.

Think of dog sports like the Dog Olympics. For the dog, this is a good noisy howl!

Training and Ability

Natural fitness and athleticism are important. Some breeds are of course suitable for particular sports. For example, the lured ride is a race where the dog chases after a target and

Not all dog sports are breed specific. For example, persuasion judgments measure the ability of any breed or mixed-type dog to carry out commands, such as when summoned. Dog endurance, freestyle – dog dancing – flyball and many other sports are open to any dog. Competition is a great way to have fun with your dog. Learn about the variety of dog sports.


Natural talent is important, but training and practice – and your dog wanting to participate – is key. Puppy who is excited about a particular sport will eagerly join in and enjoy the new challenges.

Training not only teaches your puppy the commands and activities he will need to do.

It also conditions the stamina and physical ability of the dog, so he does not overdo it and is not injured.

You can start training during the time of being. Basic obedience is the foundation of many other dog sports. Just be sure to delay diligent dog trials until your puppy has the physical maturity to avoid injury.

Puppy breeds mature at different levels, and different sports may have different requirements.

Competitions include entrance fees, investments in specialized equipment, car trips or flight exams, training classes and time. But “fun matches” without a win or loss are also available.

It is important that your dog also has an interest in racing or it is not fun for you or your soul. The straps provide bragging rights, but the real price is spending time with your dog and making him do his best to please you. That should be reasonably priced for everyone.