While traveling on an international flight or on a long train trip, the enjoyable moment is to watch netflix movies on Mac. Many of them are searching alternatives on how to watch netflix movies /seasons offline on Macbook. Unfortunately you can’t watch offline netflix on Mac or amazon prime & disney+.

How to Download Netflix on Macbook?

The secret is you can download Netflix on your iPad or iPhone, but you can not download Netflix on your Macbook for offline movies.

Can i Watch Netflix on Mac or Amazon Prime and Disney on Macbook?

Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney allowed their user stream directly via their website.

How to Watch/Download Netflix Movies offline on MacBook Air?

Unfortunately, You can’t download Netflix movies offline on Mac or Macbook Air. To watch content from Netflix, Amazon, or Disney, use your iPhone or iPad to download it.

Alternatives: Offline Netflix for Mac:

Find your favorite content on Apple TV or use Apple’s own iTunes Store, where you can rent or buy movies or TV shows and download them to your Mac.

Use AirPlay to stream iPhone or iPad screen on Mac?

Airplay has the magic to stream iPhone or iPad to the larger screen of your Mac. AirPlay is Apple’s solution for streaming from your Mac, iPad, or iPhone to your TV screen. Learn how to Airplay from iPhone/iPad to Mac.

  • IOS 15 and later has the capability to use AirPlay and stream and send content to your Mac from an iPhone, iPad, or other Mac.
  • You can use Macbook as an Airplay speaker.
  • AirPlay is available on all three devices freely use them.

Alternatives to Airplay for Old Mac:

Some older versions of Mac are not supporting Airplay. Change your macbook to latest version or, the other ways is to stream from your iOS device to your Mac, Airserver must be installed to start sharing. 

For example, AirServer (£ 14.99 / $ 14.99) or Reflector (£ 16.01 / $ 14.99) are two Mac apps that you can use to stream content from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac.

FAQ’s – Netflix on Mac Alternative and Important Queries

What is best Netflix or Apple TV+ or iTunes?

With the increasing demand of Netflix, Disney+, amazon prime people prefer the subscription services. Because why to pay for Apple services when you can 1000’s of movies on popular subscription services.

is it true 3rd party apps giving options to download netflix offline on macbook?

If any service gives you any program to install it could be the malware.

Can rented/purchased movies from iTunes playable on Mac?

Yes, you should be able to watch your rented/purchased movies from iTunes on your MacBook Air. Subscription website and stream content live on Macbook.

Does it violates the terms of netflix to stream via airplay?

Older version of mac are not compatible to mirror the screen of an apple phone. However after IOS 15 you can stream downloaded Netflix, Amazon, or Disney + shows from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac. Even though AirPlay works from iPhone to Mac, it cannot violate Netflix’s terms if you play downloaded content on your Mac.

Why my Airplay is not working?

This doesn’t work with every Mac, however. If your Mac is older than 2018, you won’t be able to use the new feature. 
– You will need a MacBook Pro (2018 and newer), MacBook Air (2018 and newer), iMac (2019 and newer), iMac Pro (2017), Mac mini (2020 and newer), Mac Pro (2019), and iPhone 7 and newer.
– iPad Pro (2nd generation and newer), iPad Air (3rd generation and newer), iPad (6th generation and newer), or iPad mini (5th generation and newer). If your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is older, it may still be possible to share content at a lower resolution if you set “Allow AirPlay for” to “Everyone” or “Everyone on the same network”.

Why there is no application of netflix for macbook?

Due to the reason of piracy and to share it offline to anyone, Netflix has restricted app on mac. However there are some tips to run Netflix offline for mac.

How to use Netflix on your mac computer?

Netflix app on Macbook can’t be downloaded due to policy. A subscriber can visit the netflix.com and login with your username and password to watch movies and seasons.