Huawei Phones introduced the Navigation Dock facility that allows users to go back and go to the home screen or switch between recent apps. A feature available in Huawei phones makes your navigational things easy without wasting your time.

What will happen when you enable it? A filled white color circle will appear on the screen like an iPhone navigation to make your navigation adjustable and operational.

Easy and helpful Feature: A feature available in Huawei’s P30 Pro enables it via settings. An overlay button on the screen makes everything happen easily. Using gesture-like movements on the circle, we can navigate the smartphone.

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Step by Step guide – Enable Navigation Dock in Huawei:

  1. Go to Android Settings.

  2. Navigate to System > System navigation.

  3. Tap on Navigation Dock.

  4. Tap on the slider to enable it.

    Enable navigation dock in huawei phones p30 pro

There is also a tutorial for using the dock on the same settings page. Watch it and you will learn everything that you can do with it.

What is a Navigation Dock and How Does it Work?

Once you enable the dock, a circle (icon) will appear on the screen. It will overlay just like the Facebook chat bubble. Here is how you navigate using the navigation dock.

– Go Back (Tap Once)

Tap the Navigation Dock “once” and you will be one screen back.

– Go to Home (Longpress and let go)

Long press and let go will take you to the home screen.

– Switch Recent Apps – Tap and drag it to either left or right.

Tap and drag it to either left or right.

FAQs – Huawei Navigational Dock

Can I change the position of the navigation dot?

The position of the dock on the screen is not fixed. While on the home screen, we can tap and drag it to place it in a certain non-intrusive location on the screen.