The new IOS 13 has dark mode and a light mode as described in iphone 11 tips and tricks. The huge number of requests from users apple has finally include the feature of dark mode with wallpapers  and in app dark background.  Those OLED iPhones X/XS and iPhone pro gives stunning output of dark mode.

Apple makes dark mode is not same as the android UI’s which makes the texts dull on screen in android OEM’s. Dark mode of the IOS 13 have capability to display text in proper and visually clear. read also iPhone 11 go back to home screen.

Enable Dark Mode on iPhone Running iOS 13

There are two methods to enable Dark mode in your iPhone 11 running iOS 13. The shortcut way from control center or from display settings.

Method 1:

Step 1: Go to Display & Brightness in Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone running and go to Display

Step 2: Select Dark Theme Under Appearance

From the Appearance section, tap on Dark to enable the dark theme in iOS 13.

method 1 of enabling black mode in iPhone 11

You can also set Dark Mode to be automatically enabled for a specific time of the day. Enable the Automatic toggle in the Appearance section. A new Options setting will reveal itself. Tap on it and select either a custom schedule to enable Dark mode or you can enable it from Sunset to Sunrise.

Method 2 via iPhone control center:

A quick and easy to enable dark mode via your iPhone control center  how to bring control center in iPhone 11.

Step 1: Bring Up the Control Center

The way of popup the control center by swiping from top right corner(notch) to bottom and control center will pop up in iPhone X/XS, iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro.

Step 2: Tap the Dark Mode Toggle

Now simply tap on the Dark Mode toggle to enable it. If you have set up a schedule for Dark Mode, iOS 13 will follow it despite you enabling the mode manually. For example, if you have set Dark Mode to automatically disable itself at Sunrise, it will do so even after you enable it using the Control Center toggle.

dark mode via control center iphone 11