Visa plays an important role in travel industry. To enter legally in a foreign country for touristic or other leisure purpose requires visa. We never required a visa, in light of the fact that our travels so far occurred in Europe or South America, where a visa was not required for any nation.

Top most Expensive Tourist Visas for Poland

We check what it resembles with African nations and here we go over a shock. Visas are needed for the vast majority of the nation’s we intended to visit.

Let’s have a closer look on the top most expensive tourist visas of the country.

10. China – PLN 445

China is the 3rd largest country in the world, so we will definitely not be able to see even half of what they have to offer in one go. The visa is expensive, but a consolation is that it can be double-entry, valid for six months from the date of issue. One stay up to 30 days. The Visa Center that issues Chinese visas is located in Warsaw.

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9. Sierra Leone – approx. PLN 457

Sierra Leone is a country located in Africa, in its western part. What can it tempt you with? The Freetown peninsula, beautiful white beaches adjacent to the jungle, Banana Islands, or the possibility of diving in crystal clear waters are just some of the attractions. Outamba-Kilimi National Park offers a view of rare bongo antelopes, as well as elephants and hippos. The nearest consulate is in Berlin and you should apply for a visa there.

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8. Chad – approx. PLN 457

A country located in Central Africa, on the second largest lake in Africa of the same name.

The northern part of the country is the sands and stones of the Sahara and volcanic mountain ranges – one of the most inaccessible places not only in Africa, but also in the world. The highest peak is Emi Kussi (3415 m above sea level) – an extinct volcano. It is also the highest peak of the Sahara. It is certainly a real treat for mountaineers and climbers, but you should apply for a visa before the planned trip. The nearest consulate is in Berlin.

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7. Democratic Republic of Congo – PLN 500

The citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo themselves say they have it all and rate the country as the richest in the world in terms of natural resources and the opportunities offered by fauna and flora. They have little trouble with technology and management. Is it worth seeing the richest country in the world?

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The Consulate of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located in Warsaw and you should apply for a visa here. It is not possible to obtain it online or at the border.

6. Congo Brazzaville – approx. PLN 503

Congo Brazzaville is 60% tropical forests, so it is a gem for people who appreciate nature. About 10,000 chimpanzees live in forests, which is 80% of the world’s population of these animals. There are also African forest elephants, antelopes and lions. People wishing to see them live in their natural environment must remember that a visa is needed to enter the Congo. The nearest consulate is in Berlin.

Congo Brazzaville - approx. PLN 503

5. Ghana – approx. PLN 503

Ghana is located in the west of Africa. It is becoming more and more popular and attractive for tourists. However, a visa is required to visit this country. The nearest consulate where we can apply for a visa is in Berlin. The waiting time is one / two weeks.

Ghana west africa

4. Cameroon – approx. PLN 548

Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. Football fans probably remember many matches during which the Cameroonian team put up stiff resistance to the football powers. The most interesting things in Cameroon are nature parks, waterfalls and climatic diversity. The nearest consulate where we could obtain a visa is in Berlin.

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3. Saudi Arabia – approx. PLN 589

From October 2019, Polish citizens can finally go to Saudi Arabia for tourism. However, the visa is not issued by the consulate (business, family, work or residence visas are issued). The entire procedure takes place online, which is certainly a simplification, but it is not the cheapest one. It came in third on our list of the most expensive visas.

2. Lesotho – approx. PLN 632

Lesotho is a country that is located in South Africa. It is a “state within a state” because it is surrounded by South African territory. When going to this region, a visa is also required. However, there is one simplification in obtaining it – you can obtain an electronic visa. Thanks to this, we do not have to physically deliver our passport to the consulate, which is located in Berlin. The entire procedure takes place online.


1. Nigeria – approx. PLN 1997

There is a Nigerian embassy in Warsaw, but currently no visas are issued. The nearest consulate where we can obtain a visa is in Berlin. However, the only option for filing documents is through the Registry Office, which also charges for its services. Therefore, the final cost of a visa to this country can make you dizzy. What can we get in return? In addition to many tourist attractions, a fairly large market, because Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa – over 200 million people live there.

nigeria top expensive place to visit for polish

Other countries outside the TOP 10 whose fees are significant:

  1. Malawi – approx. PLN 405
  2. Burkina Faso – approx. 360 PLN
  3. Namibia – approx. PLN 360
  4. Central African Republic – approx. PLN 360
  5. Algeria – 350 PLN
  6. Ivory Coast – approx. PLN 330
  7. Angola – approx. PLN 294
  8. Mongolia – approx. PLN 270
  9. Mozambique – approx. 270 PLN
  10. Russia – approx. PLN 262

One more important note. 

On many forums you can find information that somewhere someone has managed to obtain a visa cheaper, e.g. in a neighboring country. Perhaps. However, when developing this ranking, we relied on official data and verified information