Golden Retriever Breed
Golden Retriever Breed


Could the Golden Retriever be the perfect family pet? Well, the fact that they hardly ever bark and they are one of the large dog breeds that doesn’t have bad breathe… that’s a pretty good start.

One of the most fascinating characteristics of the Golden Retreiver is it’s “soft mouth.” What does this mean? The Golden Retriever has the ability to pick up raw eggs with it’s mouth without breaking them at all! This soft mouth comes in handy when  Golden Retriever has puppies. They are able to gently transport their babies without hurting them at all.


Often referred to as “the golden”, this is one of the most beloved large dog breeds. These dogs rank amongst the most popular dogs welcomed into homes every year.

The Golden came onto the scene in the 1860’s when Lord, an avid hunter who  lived near the Lochness created this breed to have a love for water and the desire to retrieve. The American Kennel Club registered the golden in 1945.

Obedience is a one of this large dog breeds strong suits. They love to work for the people that they have bonded with and all they want to do is please their families. They will run tirelessly all day and for this reason require a lot of exercise.

The Golden retriever is a big dog. measuring an average of 22″ in height and weighing anywhere from 65 -85 pounds, they are beautiful specimen. They have a dense water repellent coat, which comes in handy when swimming. Even though they have long thick hair, they are never weighed down in the water. Their webbed feet help make them great swimmers too. Most Golden Retriever puppies are almost always lighter then they are as adults.

The Golden Retriever was bred to carry water fowl, hence the “soft mouth”, however, they have received some bad reviews when it comes to biting. The German Shepherd ranks number one on the biting list and surprising enough, the golden is number 3. However, with proper training they are great family dogs and would be perfectly fine with children. the biting usually occurs  only if provoked or scared.

Like many other large dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is often prone to hip dysplasia, a disease caused by a loss of cartilage. They require a lot of activity to help prevent this. While they need a lot of exercise they would be fine in an apartment as long as they were worked and had proper exercise.  Grooming is a big deal. Because of their long coat, they need to be brushed often to prevent their coat from knotting up.


Everybody’s friend, the Golden Retriever is known for its devoted and obedient nature as a family companion. It is an apt sporting retriever as well and yearns for a day in the field. Ignoring its active nature and powerful physique can lead to behavior problems, and it needs daily physical and mental exercise. It  tends to be overly exuberant and boisterous, and its enthusiasm for everything often distracts it during training: however, it is eager to please and enjoys learning.

Body Type

The Golden Retriever is an athletic, strong dog, capable of carrying heavy game over land and water. For this, it needs a broad, powerful head with strong neck and well-developed fore-and hindquarters. It is slightly longer than tall. The gait is smooth, powerful,and ground covering. The water-repellant coat is dense, with the outer coat straight or wavy.

Golden Retriever Dog Characteristics:

Energy Level 4 / 5
Exercise Requirements 4 / 5
Playfulness 5 / 5
Affection Level 5 / 5
Friendliness Towards Dogs 5 / 5
Friendliness Towards Other Pets 5 / 5
Friendliness Towards Strangers 5 / 5
Good With Children 5 / 5
Ease of Training 5 / 5
Protection Ability 2 / 5
Grooming 4 / 5
Intelligence 5 / 5

Golden Retriever Puppy