Google Photos app is a popular media file management tool for smartphones. It has a lot of features like backing up, identifying people by face, and searching for photos by description and date. One of the most recent notable features on the app is the “Memories” that we see near the top of the screen. Yes, we can enable or disable the memories feature as per our liking. It is a feature that is comparable to Instagram/Facebook Stories. You get a glimpse of your old photos from 1 year ago, 5 years ago. You can tap on the circular thumbnails on the top of the app, and it will display a slideshow of your old pictures. It is a good feature to go back into the past but not everyone would like it to appear there. I mean, some people might have embarrassing photos that were buried but now they are highlighted just because they’re on top as memories. We can disable or enable the memories feature as per our liking. There is just a simple on/off option that we have to use to disable memories in Google Photos.

Here are the steps to enable/disable memories in Google Photos application for smartphones:

  • Open the Google Photos application.
  • Tap on Menu ☰
  • Go to ⚙ Settings
  • Tap on Memories
  • Drag the Show memories slider to the left to disable it.
  • Move the Show memories slider to the right to enable it.
How to Enable/Disable Memories in Google Photos App