Quick things to do with iPhone 11 & iPhone pro max

Glad to hear that you buy a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro max. Explore the hidden iPhone 11 tips & tricks . Apply these ultimate 11 things to your brand new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro max before further using your phone. These tweaks and setting will enhanced usability of your iPhone.

Before applying security settings or capturing moment check whether the phone is good to buy or not. Apply below tweaks and settings so you can have best performance and experience with your new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro max. Let’s quickly jump to those few setting step by step.

1. Confirm Battery Health of  iPhone 11 :

Battery health checker in iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro max is now the part of your IOS 13. With the help of battery checker you can determined either to buy this phone or not. Battery checker displays the condition of your battery good or bad. It displays the battery performance of iPhone you have just purchased, does it have 100% capacity of battery?.

Go to Settings > Go over Battery  > check Battery Health  is it 100%?

battery health in iphone

Thing to Note:
The main point is to check after unpacking the phone.. If it doesn’t have that 100% please don’t accept that phone.

2. iPhone 11 – reduce auto lock timer:

Beside security auto lock timer will maximize the battery life of your iPhone 11. Make sure to put auto lock timer of few seconds because by default it’s set to 5 minute. Behind the scene your phone will stay unlock till 5 minutes. How to reduce auto lock time in iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 max.

Go to Settings > Go over Display and Brightness > Auto Lock > Choose 30 Seconds.

iphone 11 auto lock timer

Logic Behind:
Display always consume more battery power, increase battery timing in iPhone 11 by reducing the time to 30 seconds.

3. Increase Display Visibility in iPhone:

iPhone has the option to show every text in Bold like menu items etc. The text apple choose is thin version but you can make it bold in your display settings. Display more text visible in iphone.

Go to Settings > Go over Display and Brightness > enable Bold Text.

enable bold text iphone

The fonts of the screen will displayed bold and readable.

4. Enable Face ID & Pass Code

Enable all the options for your face id and pass code in order to give your security a strength. Below is the setting for those who have set face id and pass code already. If you didn’t setup a face id and pass code do it.

Go to Settings > Go over Face ID & Pass codeMake sure all buttons are green (enabled)

use face id to unlock iphone 11

5. Enable Attention for Security (heavy security)

Make sure you have enabled the attention feature of your iPhone 11 and pro max. Which means if your eyes are not on iphone nobody can unlock your phone without your permission. This is one of the great security featured by Apple.

Go to Settings > Go over Face ID & Pass code >  Require attention for face ID enabled

Thing to Notice:
Phone will not be unlocked until you are not looking at it with opened eyes. Face id system will make sure nobody opened your phone while you are sleeping or not active.

6. Disable Access to Notification When Locked:

Below the enable attention there are some options to look for when mobile is locked you must disable following things in the section allow access when locked.

 Go to Settings > Go over Face ID & Pass codeEnable allow access when locked

allow access when locked iphone

7. Disable Auto Brightness Setting in iPhone 11:

Your phone has auto brightness turned on which control brightness according to ambience. Most of the time auto adjust brightness doesn’t work (too dim or too light). You need to disable auto brightness in iPhone.

Go to Settings > Go over AccessibilityDisplay & Text Size  > Auto Brightness > Disable it