iPhone just release and lots of people are crazy to buy a brand new iPhone 11. We have share some of the iPhone 11 tips and tricks to guide you better. Beside the look and functionalities of iPhone is astonishing. Specially the camera of apple phone is best to capture images while in night mode. They introduced the new features specially the IOS 13 won everyone heart. After the month of the release people just point out the fault and problems in new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max.

#1 3D Touch:

The rumors about iPhone 11 3D touch to quickly open up everything in iPhone11 and iphone 11 pro max. Apple put the 3D Touch feature aside and instead of they include haptic touch, debut on the iPhone XR.

3D Touch gives you pressure-sensitive display to brought options quickly for apps rather then pressing long. Haptic touch is similar to right-click of mouse. Haptic feedback is time-sensitive rather than pressure-sensitive, so you need to press for longer (rewarded by vibration feedback) rather than more firmly. Thanks to iOS 13 the time-saving quick options menu that 3D Touch offered are now built-in into the operating system.

#2 The slippery Back

The look of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max is stunning as everyone is loving it. The back of the iPhone 11 is not a fingerprint magnet because when using it one handed you will feel it is slip out of hand multiple times. As compared to iPhone X which provide more grip then iPhone 11. Be careful while using it with one hand without any back cover or case.

Most probably user of iPhone love to use it without any case because of their look and show off. Having a back cover with grip can help you save your phone.

#3 Ultra Wide Lens ( no night mode)

Capturing with iPhone 11 gets you outstanding result of your photos having editing options (boom). What about the night mode you can capture moments in night mode while in telephoto lens.

Problem: Switching to ultra wide lens with night mode opened you can’t capture a clear image. There is no optical stabilization and the sensor is so small but still the result is much better in night mode.

Hat’s off to Video Change:

Video mode and fps now can be change without cancelling the video. It is now a huge improvement from iPhone 11 apple team.

#4 Always on Display

As seen on Samsung galaxy mobile they have on screen display while on stand by. iPhone 11 using OLED display with super battery life but why they don’t introduce the always on display.

#5 Bright Display but No HDR YouTube

Super good display is available in iPhone 11 because you can now control extra brightness and white display the other phones don’t offer. After a month of the released of IOS 13 there is still no support for HDR quality of YoutTube.

Problem: After the 4th update still iPhone doesn’t release the support of HDR videos of YouTube. Last year iPhone X get this support in less then a week and it’s a huge mistake by iPhone 11. Below you can see how worse the quality of the video of 11 pro max as still iPhone have no fixed for this.

#6 RAM Management:

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max provide the 4GB ram which is 2 to 3 times less then the competitors. As compare to the competitors they still have the 6GB or 8GB available. The ram management of the IOS 13 is optimized which is true, compare to some high end android phones apple apps need to reload loosing where were you last time.

Problem: IOS 13 keeps less background apps opened just to save battery life or may be ram management but it looks worse. May be they need to increase the ram or make IOS 13 much better for end users.

#7 Pixelate Problem while Video Calling

When you are on video call and switch to the rear camera with ultra wide lens opened. iPhone having problem of a bit of low connection of internet and the picture pixelate quickly. iPhone X doesn’t having that problem.

Video on iPhone 11 Problem

The below video will show you what are the major problems and iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max user could face. The guide will give you the strength to figure out what mind you can make before buying iPhone 11.