Last October, Apple renewed its entire iPhone fleet, with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max leading the way. In an unusual move by the brand, the North American firm decided to keep the iPhone 11 in its catalog for next year. In fact, the price of the phone is very similar to that of the iPhone 12, entering directly to compete with the latter. But what differences are there between the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 really? Is it worth shelling out the difference in money for a better a prior model?


iPhone 12iPhone 11
screen6.1 inches with OLED technology, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, Super Retina XDR resolution (2,532 x 1,170 pixels) and 460 pixels per inch6.1 inches with IPS LCD technology, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, Retina resolution (1,792 x 828 pixels) and 326 pixels per inch
Main chamber– Main sensor of 12 megapixels and focal aperture f / 1.6
– Secondary sensor with wide angle lens, 12 megapixels and focal aperture f / 2.4
– Main sensor of 12 megapixels and focal aperture f / 1.8
– Secondary sensor with wide-angle lens, 12 megapixels and focal aperture f / 2.4
Camera takes selfies12 megapixel main sensor with f / 2.2 focal aperture12 megapixel main sensor with f / 2.2 focal aperture
Internal memory64, 128 and 256 GB64, 128 and 256 GB
 ExtensionNot availableNot available
Processor and RAMApple A14 Bionic
4 GB of RAM
Apple A13 Bionic
3 GB of RAM
2,815 mAh with 18 W fast charging and 15 W wireless3,110 mAh with 18 W fast charge and standard wireless charging
OSiOS 14iOS 14
Connections4G LTE, 5G SA and NSA, dual band WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + GLONASS, NFC, eSIM and Lightning charging port4G LTE, dual band WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + GLONASS, NFC, eSIM and Lightning charging port
SIMnano SIM + eSIMnano SIM + eSIM
DesignMetal and glass
Colors: black, blue, green, red and white
Metal and glass
Colors: black, green, red, yellow, purple and white
Dimensions146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 millimeters and 162 grams150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 millimeters and 194 grams
Featured FeaturesStereo speakers with Dolby Atmos certification, hardware face unlock, 18 W fast charge, IP68 resistance to dust and water, 4K Dolby Vision video recording …Dolby Atmos certified stereo speakers, hardware face unlock, 18 W fast charge, IP68 resistance to dust and water …
Release dateAvailableAvailable
PriceFrom 910 euros the most basic versionFrom 690 euros

A Very Similar Design But Differs in Key Points

The new generation of iPhone has brought a facelift to the Apple catalog. For one thing, the iPhone 12 has a much more squared back cover than the iPhone 11. In fact, both the back and the edges of the phone are straight , which can make it difficult to grip.

On the iPhone 11 side we find a much more rounded and comfortable chassis in the hand. These differences also carry over to size. And is that despite the fact that the iPhone 12 maintains the diagonal of the iPhone, the phone is much thinner and more compact . We are talking about a difference of 0.4 centimeters in height, or, 4 in width and 1 in thickness. The weight is also reduced considerably, going from 194 grams to 162 of the iPhone 12 . There is nothing.

Part of this reduction is due to the fact that Apple has optimized the thickness of the screen frames , which are now thinner thanks to the OLED panel integrated into the iPhone 12. The rest of the aspects that concern the design are practically identical between both terminals: construction in metal and glass, double front speaker, IP68 protection against water and dust …

The Screen is the Element That Evolves the Most

So is. One of the most criticized elements of the iPhone 11 has been precisely its screen, which in addition to having IPS LCD technology, maintains the same rate of pixels per inch as the iPhone 4 (326 pixels per inch), a phone launched in 2010. In Specifically, the original resolution of the panel is 1,792 x 828 pixels , a figure far removed from the Full HD standard.

The iPhone 12 improves all these points through an OLED panel with 2,532 x 1,170 pixels resolution with a pixel per inch rate of 460 . The quality of the screen is not only better (higher resolution, color representation more faithful to reality, totally pure blacks, higher maximum brightness …), but it is practically equal to what we can find in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, models that comfortably exceed 1,000 euros. Unfortunately, the phone does not have a refresh rate of 90 or 120 Hz, keeping the 60 Hz of origin.


If we go inside each of the terminals, the main difference between the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 is found in the processor. In the 2019 model we find the Apple A13 Bionic, a chip that surpasses in power and energy efficiency the vast majority of processors on the market. And is that despite being accompanied by only 3 GB of RAM, the iPhone 11 is still one of the most powerful terminals today.

As for the iPhone 12, the Apple A14 Bionic is the chip that governs all the components of the device, a chip more energy efficient and significantly more powerful than the previous model. In this case, the phone is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM that allows it to run a greater number of applications in memory . When it comes to storage capacity, both have three options of 64, 128 and 256 GB of memory.

Where the differences are less tangible is in the section of connectivity. Beyond the compatibility of the iPhone 12 with next-generation 5G networks , both share the majority of physical and wireless connections: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC for payments through Apple Pay, Lightning charging port, eSIM

The Evolution of Cameras Comes From the Hand of the Processor

As usual, Apple has kept most of the iPhone 11 lenses and sensors in the iPhone 12. In fact, the only substantial difference is found in the main sensor, which now has a wider focal aperture (f / 1.6 in front at f / 1.8 on the iPhone 11), which should affect camera performance in low light and night scenes. The rest of the cameras are practically identical, at least with regard to technical specifications: 12-megapixel secondary sensor with wide-angle lens and f / 2.4 focal aperture and 12-megapixel front camera with f / 2.2 focal aperture.

Where the company has made some improvements is in the software section. For one thing, Night mode now supports the secondary camera with a wide angle lens . In the main camera, Apple estimates that we will obtain 27% more luminosity compared to the iPhone 11 camera. HDR performance is also improved, as well as the white balance in the skins.

The video section is another of the sections that is significantly improved, since now the phone is capable of recording in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision to obtain a much wider range of colors. As for the front camera, Apple has made Night mode compatible with selfies, as well as Deep Fusion computing algorithms, intelligent HDR and video recording in Dolby Vision.

SAME? Autonomy, Different Batteries

Apple’s compaction work with the iPhone 12 doesn’t come alone. In this case, the manufacturer has reduced the capacity of the battery from the 3,110 mAh of the iPhone 11 to the 2,815 of the iPhone 12 (approximately 10% smaller). Apple ensures that the most recent model maintains the autonomy of the previous generation , an argument that it defends in favor of the energy efficiency of the screen and the processor. In fact, it increases in some scenarios, such as streaming video playback (11 hours active compared to 10 hours on the iPhone 11).

iphone 12 case

When it comes to charging, both phones are compatible with 18W wired chargers. Of course, while the iPhone 11 incorporates a charger in the box, the iPhone 12 does not have any type of charging source . The latter also has a more powerful wireless charging (15 W) and compatible with Apple’s Magsafe charger.

Conclusions: Price & Opinions, Which Mobile is Worth More?

After talking about all the differences between the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11, it’s time to draw conclusions. As of today, the price of the two devices in the official Apple store is 910 and 690 euros respectively, with about 220 euros of difference. Is it worth paying this extra for an iPhone 12?

The truth is that yes. In addition to finding a more compact terminal, the iPhone 12 is a much more recommended option, as it improves most of the iPhone 11 specifications. Camera, processor, screen, design, connectivity … Unless our budget fits the price of the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 is the winning horse in this comparison, although certainly both terminals are good options today.

It should be noted that the iPhone 11 enjoys the occasional discount in third-party stores, given the age of the phone. In fact, the normal thing is that we find offers with prices much lower than the recommended sale price, with values ​​closer to 600 than 700 euros . In this case, the 2019 model is more recommended, since the 910 euros for the iPhone 12 represents a surcharge of approximately 50% if we take the sale price of the iPhone 11 as a reference.