Apple products and iPhone cases has their own significance as per protection, price, quality and trend. The accessories they designed are well crafted as the quality, look and feel are worthy to buy. However, the apple accessories have a high price compared to those of other brands and specially the fake iPhone cases. How to check iPhone case is original or fake.

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Are Apple Cases Good – iPhone Accessories are Precious

No doubt, iPhone accessories are stuffed with best quality material. Somewhat better to take care of your iPhone with an official Apple case to protect it from any harm.

  1. Apple Cases are Expensive: Instead of comparing the price of an iPhone case vs another phone case, don’t compromise on the price.
  2. Cheaper Alternatives: Beware of the fake iPhone cases and do not sacrifice the quality guaranteed by original Apple accessories. Cheaper alternative for iPhone Case are worst experience.

Careful with Copies – All that glitters is not gold

In recent years, numerous companies (especially Chinese in origin) have started to produce near-exact copies of Apple products and accessories. They are so close you can’t decide whether iPhone case is original or Fake.

The same goes for Apple cases. If you visit platforms such as Wallapop or eBay, you will find numerous Apple cases at a really reduced price. That is why below you will find a series of tips that you should take into account if you are going to buy an original cover on a second-hand platform.

iPhone Case Original vs Fake – How to check

As mentioned before, something that Apple stands out for is the high quality of the products, it manufactures. The company pays special attention to small details, something that will help us find evidence to know if a case is original or not.

check iphone case original
Photograph of the inside of a fake iPhone 8 case | Source: Own image

The first detail is in the inscription that the covers contain on the “inside”, that is, the part that cannot be seen from the outside. The word “iPhone” must clearly appear in the said inscription, followed by “Designed in California. Assembled in China”.

In the above photograph, the letter “i” is clearly missing. Instead of the word “iPhone” the word, “Phone” is read, as a clear mistake by the manufacturer who tries to imitate the original cases or an attempt to avoid the complaint about trademark rights infringement.

In the event that the seller accuses this error to wear and tear, we can always resort to obtaining further evidence. Another of the most common errors in the covers that try to imitate the originals is the finishes in the corners.

Image of the finishes of the fake cover of an iPhone 8 | Source: Own image.

The finishes on the original Apple cases are always smooth and do not contain any rough areas, nor do they leave surpluses of the material they are manufactured. As can be seen in the previous image, the false cover has a pair of clearly visible surpluses.

In addition to paying special attention to the two details that have been discussed throughout this article, if the case that they are trying to sell you is still in the box, we can get even more clues thanks to it.

iPhone case original vs fake
iPhone case original fake

The boxes of the fake covers usually contain a label with text in Chinese (red box in the photograph), something that does not happen in the boxes of the originals, wherein that space information about the import of the same is specified.

It is also very important to see that no Chinese letter appears on the label where the barcode appears, in turn, the recyclable element symbol and the address of Apple’s headquarters in Ireland should also appear.

Avoid losing money on second-hand platforms

To avoid losing your money on second-hand platforms, it is very important to use some protection systems that they offer. For example, Wallapop offers the Wallapop Protect service for shipping, which I personally recommend you use.

If the platform on which you are negotiating the purchase of the case does not offer any protection mechanism, it is always good that there is the option to buy with PayPal, since you can open a claim if you detect that they have tried to scam you and get your money back.


iPhone must handle with care to protect it from falling or to make it scratch-proof is impossible without a case. So in order to protect do not compromise on pricing over other brands.

  • Buy a case from the original Apple store ranging from $49 to $60 (for normal cases).
  • A battery case is available from $120 to $140 (including a power bank).

FAQ’s – How to Check iPhone Case Original vs Fake

How to check if an Apple case is original or a copy:

– If you closely look at the edges of the cover they are not smooth.
– The details engraved on the cover have problems like being misprinted or not smooth.
– The labels on the box are printed in Chinese.
– Try scanning the barcode where do they go.
– Apple headquarters information displays Ireland.

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