Recently, after the release of the latest iPhone and the IOS 15 we have started the series of tips and tricks of the iPhone 11, 12 and iPhone 13 having tons of hidden features. Many of them are amazed with the hidden feature of basic part “Go back to home screen on iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 /iPhone 13″.

Video – Go back to Main screen iPhone 11:

By swiping from bottom black bar to top and you will be on main screen of iPhone. The video shows the trick to get back to home on iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 /iPhone 13″.

Gesture iPhone: Go Back to Home Screen iPhone?

From black bar at bottom hold & Swipe up will bring back you to home screen.

Step 1: Hold the Black Bar and swipe up.

how to go back to home screen iphone 11

Idea behind the sharing of go back to home screen in iPhone 11/ iPhone 12 /iPhone 13. . The latest IOS 14 and onwards has features which are quite unknown to the new user.

Why Apple makes a trendy feature?
Apple has tremendous fans around the world using different apple devices including Macbook, iPhone’s and in 2019 they announce a brand new iPhone 11. The new product of apple has a number of users increasing day by day because of the security, reliability and they are getting the trust of people by making success in technology.

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Is there any on-screen button to back to home screen in iPhone?

No, there isn’t any on-screen button to go back to the home screen in iPhone 11. A simple trick can get you to the main screen in iPhone 11.

How to Go back to the home Screen in iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 / iPhone 13?

By swiping from the bottom to the top of the screen (means upward) and let go”.

Is there all the features same in iPhone 11/12/13?

Yes all the features are same for every phone except old phones.