ajax autocomplete laravel part 2
Well in this part we will cover the same thing but via Controller. Do have a look at Part-1 first, then continue on to this one.

Note: Before starting, do download and include stylesheet and js file of jQuery UI OR load it directly from CDN.


Way #2: Controller Function
We will move directly to our Route as our Input field and Script will remain the same as Part-1.
So our Route will be:

Route::get('getfriendname', 'NameController@getfriendname');

So this route will go to “getfriendname” method of “NameController” so our controller will be:

public function getfriendname(Request $request)

$term = $request->input('term');

$results = User::distinct()->select('given_name')->where('given_name', 'LIKE', '%'.$term.'%')->get();


// $results = DB::table("user")::distinct()->select('given_name')->where('given_name', 'LIKE', '%'.$term.'%')->get(); *

foreach ($results as $r)
$return_array[] = array('value' => $r->given_name);

return $return_array;


// return Response::json($return_array); *


This “getfriendname” method is almost the same as the Route Function of Part-1.
Here I’ve provided two different ways to fetching the data from the database and two different ways to return it.

*Note: Don’t forget to use DB, Response and [table name] facade at the top.

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