MacBook is a brand under Macintosh notebook computer, manufactured by Apple Inc. The origin year of the MacBook was 2006, and it is now ruling the laptop market due to its design and functionality. MacBook are known for their Retina display screen that gives high-quality output, and multi-gesture touch trackpad and smooth keyboard are some of the top innovations from Apple.

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Top Features of MacBook Air:

  • MacBook Air is one of the lightest and thinnest laptops produced by Apple.
  • After the iPhone, MacBook Air is the top-selling product of Apple.
  • Aluminum body, which is considered 100% recyclable material.
  • Apple MacBook considered as an environmentally friendly product due to recyclable material(aluminum body). 

MacBook is quite popular among students and professionals despite its heavy pricing. However, similar to other tech devices, it also has a set of pros and cons. 

Pros of MacBooks

  1. Retina Display
  2. Lightweight and sleekness
  3. Responsive keyboards
  4. Useful apps


One of the reasons behind the top-selling MacBook Air is its long battery backup, which makes them quite popular among students. The device can survive approximately 14 hours with continuous Wi-Fi use without charging. There are only a few laptops in the industry that can deliver full-day-long battery backup.

#1. Retina Display

Nothing can beat the MacBook on this. Enjoy high-resolution video quality (2560×1600) with four million pixels output that displays super crisp media. The pixel density in the MacBook retina display is so high that human eyes cannot detect individual pixels from a normal viewing distance.

#2. Lightweight and Sleekness

MacBook Air is ultra-portable, which makes it fairly easy to carry to the workplace or any other location. The sleek design makes it even more stunning and the most futuristic product available in the market. 

#3. Responsive Keyboards

The tactile keyboards are responsive and come with a smooth touch operation that allows more space for other keys. It gives an all-new definition to typing while delivering an outstanding experience. Force Touch Keyboards are extremely useful and make your work easy and effortless.

#4. Useful Apps

Apple offers some highly productive apps that run just seamlessly on MacBook Air and let you manage files, do work, be entertained, and more. iMovie will turn the video editing task into a fun activity, and GarageBand, with its unique features, will make you fall in love with music. As far as the office work is concerned, the applications like Numbers, Pages, and Reminders are there to simplify your job.

Cons of MacBooks

  1. High price
  2. Limited hardware upgrade
  3. Slow performance
  4. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue


#1. High Price 

Now comes the biggest drawback that is its heavy price tag that makes Apple products out of reach for most of us. If you are a student with no savings, it is nearly impossible to purchase a MacBook Air without borrowing money from your parents.

#2. Limited Hardware Upgrade

If you are looking for upgradable MacBook hardware, you will be a little disappointed to know that most of Apple’s latest lineup gives you a very limited option to upgrade the hardware. In the latest devices, there is really no option for the processor or memory to upgrade. 

#3. Slow Performance

Slow performance is also an issue with MacBook, due to which users sometimes regret spending too much money. It lags a lot when you try to play games, and this sometimes annoys the users. Macs usually turn sluggish over time due to memory and storage space issues.  

#4. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

If you are using a MacBook, you might be familiar with the Wi-Fi connection problems that are quite common, regardless of the device you are using. However, if you ever face Wi-Fi-related issues, several do-it-yourself troubleshoots can help you to resolve the problem.

#1. How to Resolve Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem in MacBook?

Before proceeding further, you must check your wireless connection to see if the router and all the ports are working appropriately. Updating the software or network drivers can be some alternate solutions to this problem. Do not cover your router or the modem, and do not keep it on metal surfaces or next to the radiator. Try to relocate your modem to another location, as it might not receive the signals. 

Unexpected errors are difficult to find, but they can be the reason behind inappropriate Wi-Fi functionality. However, don’t worry; these errors are simplest to resolve and do not demand any technical expertise. To resolve the issue, disable Wi-Fi on your laptop and switch off the router. Also, unplug the wire and make sure that all the lights are turned off completely. Now restart your MacBook, turn on the router, and try connecting to the Wi-Fi connection. Your router might start working properly after switching it on. 

If nothing seems to work, try running Apple Diagnostics check to see if there is anything wrong with the hardware devices. Once the Diagnostics check completes, shut down the device and restart it again. Lastly, contact your internet service provider to check that everything is working properly on the other end. 

#2. How to solve screen and backlight, battery, USB-C not charging problem in MacBook?

There is a Solution by resetting SMC on MacBook . 15+ problems can be solved easily learn how to reset How to Reset SMC On Macbook Air.