A user who is unfamiliar with mac may be sent you a compressed file with a .RAR extension. Without any software you cannot open or decompress file in mac . This is because macOS does not include any tool capable of decompressing a file with that extension. However, we are discussing the “unarchiever” a tool to open .rar files on Mac.

The Unarchiver: a simple and complete tool

To decompress files on mac, we will use an application called “The Unarchiver”, which is available in the App Store for Mac completely free of charge. In addition, its interface is in Spanish, unlike other applications available on the market that are only in English.

open .RAR files on Mac
File for “The Unarchiver” in the Mac App Store.

This tool works in the same way that macOS unzips .ZIP files, when you double click it unzips the file in the same directory where the file is. The files can be unzipped in another directory when the “unarchiever” asks for the location of the folder or can be configured from the application if you prefer another location.

Furthermore, it not only decompresses files with the .RAR extension but can also decompress many more types of files. You will be able to choose the different files that you want the application to open by default.

open .rar files on mac

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, “The Unarchiver” is available for free on the Mac App Store. You can access its download through this link:

The Unarchiver – Mac App Storehttps://itunes.apple.com/es/app/the-unarchiver/id425424353?mt=12

Are RAR files safe for Mac?

Yes, normally rar files are safe for Mac. But if you download a wrong file that is already infected with a virus and you unzip on your mac then it is unsafe. If you think the file is infected upload it to drive or any online Malware, or online virus checker tool to check it.