Savor the essence of Korean gastronomy at Osha Asian Bistro in Qatar, offering an enchanting ambiance and the city’s best Thai delicacies. Dive into the diverse Korean grill buffet for a culinary journey brimming with choices, highlighting the restaurant as a top-notch dining destination in Doha.

Best Thai Food: They serve the best Thai food in Doha.

Korean Grill Buffet: The food on the set has a various choice to choose from in the Korean Grill Buffet.

Vegetarian options: They have many vegetarian options and if you ask them they will customize.

Ambiance: The ambiance is great as well. The Interior is aesthetically pleasing.

Friendly Staff: The staff is friendly, accommodating, professional, and welcoming. They provide wonderful service.

Must Try:

  • Pad Thai
  • Korean BBQ Buffet
  • kimchi soup with meat
  • Hot Pot 4 Soups
  • Papaya Salad
  • Grilled Set of Meat

Gallery Osha Asian Bistro

Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, the restaurant promises a delectable feast in a captivating atmosphere.

Reviews Osha Asian Bistro

Curious about what people think of the Korean restaurant in Qatar? Check out these Osha Asian Bistro reviews! Discover what people love most about their experiences, helping you decide whether it’s the perfect place for your next visit.

I feel they have some problem(adam hardy)

I thought the food was great. We got the grill set. When the waitress brought out the hot plate and the food, I put the temp at 800 watts. She told us to put it at 400 watts for better cooking. I was a little put off by this but I did put it at 400 watts. 400 watts was taking too long to cook so I put it at 800 watts. The waitress noticed that it was at 800 watts and walked over and just turned off the hot plate completely. I was completely shocked at this. Didn’t say anything though. We just got our takeaway, paid our bill and left. I was really enjoying myself until that moment.

(Ridtz Rahmat)

Buffet is everyday but I advise going with a friend and make reservations in advance as the restaurant gets crowded at dinner time. Food quality is fresh and definitely of a good quality. The papaya salad is a must try! You can add seafood to it… They have sauces, special mix to accompany your dish. Friendly staff and accommodating. Just ask the staff if they can make one for you or you can D.I.Y.
If you’re asking for an item, do follow up. When it’s too busy, they might forget.
Soup base is the right amount of ingredient, nothing too overwhelming. Definitely recommending this restaurant. Will return again for sure!

Peaceful and Traditional (Emilia P(Emi) )

This restaurant is small and convenient for a nice, long meal. It takes around 15-20 minutes for the food to arrive which is good. The food is of good quality and feels traditional.

It is a quiet and peaceful setting that keeps your mind soothing. A bit of crowded at night so better to make a reservation.

They made my birthday special (Maia Milavong)

Great service and menu of Osha Asian Bistro. They were helpful and attended to us all the time. They helped in the birthday celebration and made it very special for you. I will forever remember their kind and lovely gesture.

Very Juicy Beef (JB Kamonwisa)

As I am a regular customer loving the food and the quality. The service is awesome and never disappointed with the staff. They are friendly, welcoming and accommodating.

I love the beef hotpot. The sliced beef from Australia and South Africa is very tender and juicy. The buffet set is worth the money you pay. I Highly recommend it!

FAQs of Osha Asian Bistro

What are the Parking Options?

Free parking lot with plenty of parking places but it could be challenging to find some. You can also drop your car to wash if you cannot find the parking. The car wash is a few doors away.

What is the food quality they provide?

They use fresh ingredients, quality of meat, and fresh vegetables to their customers.

Why Osha Asian Bistro is famous?

Experience the fusion of flavors at Osha Asian Bistro, Qatar’s go-to for Korean excellence. With an aesthetically pleasing interior, relish the richness of the best Korean food.

Why are people praising their staff?

The staff is super friendly and accommodating. A special shoutout to Drei, Marites, and Charm was super friendly, kind, and lovely. Very helpful and active.

Can we celebrate our events?

Celebrate your events and occasions at Osha Asian Bistro.