Renewing Pakistani passport in Qatar is not a big deal but government of Doha Qatar announce new rules for passport renewal in Qatar which affect the visa renewal. New Policy of Qatar Government: Pakistan resident in Qatar must read the revised rules.

  • Either your passport is about to expire or the expiry date is less then 3 month you need to renew it ASAP. 3 year of prison, or penalty of QR 50,000 on late renewal.
  • Passport renewal in Qatar should be on time which takes at least 1 months.

Visa of Qatar for Pakistan Resident:

The policy point the visa rules more strict and has penalty rule. Visa cannot be stamped or renewed if passport expiry with in 3 months. Save yourself from penalty or imprisonment for more details visit Pakistan Embassy in Qatar Address given below.

Read Before Passport Renewal in Qatar

You must read these questions and answers before you going to renew your Pakistani passport in Qatar. You will know the fee, time and other things.

Q#1. Why my visa is not stamped or rejected?

Visa cannot be stamped by embassy of Pakistan in Qatar, if current passport is going to expire within 3 months.

Q#2. Pakistan passport renewal fess in Qatar?

  • Urgent: 15 days @ QR 245 .
  • Normal: 30 days @ QR 146 .

Q#3. How much time does it take to renew passport in Qatar?

At least 3 weeks or a month for the renewal of Pakistani passport in Qatar.

Q#4. What if i did not renew my passport on time?

Do not delay yourself in renewing the passport “other wise penalty or jail from Qatar Police”.

Q#5. Is there any penalty or prison if i renew my passport late in Qatar?

A penalty of QR 50,000 or 3 year of prison, on late renewal of your Pakistan passport in Qatar. Remember never late for your passport renewal.

#6. If my passport is expired but my visa is not expired what to do?

You can make a quick (hand written) passport for 6 months on same day in couple of hours. Now you can exit from Qatar with peace. Remember you can’t use that passport to enter again in Qatar.

How to Renew Pakistani Passport in Qatar

We are sharing the simple process to renew Pakistani passport in Qatar. visit the Pakistani Embassy. Address is shared in the end.

  • Take photo copy of Passport (front page where name and other details are mentioned + 2nd page + latest visa stamped page).
  • You need a copy of NICOP (National ID of overseas Pakistani) or NIC (National Identity Card).
  • They will give you token to submit the fee. Submit the fee at the counter in the embassy
    Urgent 15 days @ Qr.245.
    Normal 30 days @ Qr.146.
  • Then finally you will be allowed to PMR section where your picture will be taken and your personal details will be collected for quick confirmation you will be given a token.
  • Then you can collected the passport at appropriate date they will give you.

Pakistan Embassy in Qatar Address:

Address: P.O.Box. 334, Plot No. 30, Diplomatic Area West Bay, Doha, State of Qatar
Telephone: 44832525, 44832235-37
Fax: 44832227

Final Words:

If you employer and having job in Qatar, at least renew your passport on time before 3 months remaining in the expiry. Save yourself from headache of penalty or imprionment in the jails of Qatar.

In case of emergency you can get quick passport renewal (hand written) same day but you need to exit from Qatar urgent basis.

Keep in mind these rules are made for your security. If we are missing something please help others and write us in comments.