Panoor Restaurant Qatar menu is filled with Indian, Arabic, and Asian cuisine. Looking for a plate of famous Dum Biryani, Bamboo Biryani Authentic Kerala dishes, vegetarian and Halal food.

Biryani: Panoor Biryani in Qatar is adored for its Chicken Biryani, praised for its rich flavor and healthy dining choices, and Bamboo Biryani, lauded across platforms for its delectable taste and use of fresh ingredients, served uniquely in bamboo.

Family Seating Area: The first floor is reserved to give you a family seating area to give you a boost with kids and family.

Breakfast: Customers show a positive attitude towards breakfast; options such as puri, pothichoru (a Kerala dish), and others are available to kickstart your morning.

South Indian: The Malabari chefs are appointed to cook South Indian food “customers are saying no to their cooking styles”. According to other people, even some Pakistan and Indian people are praising their dishes.

Must Try Special Dishes:

  • Breakfast
  • Fish Curry
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Bamboo Biryani
  • BBQ
  • Seafood
  • Appam

Photos/Gallery Panoor Restaurant Al Khor:

Do Check out the Panoor restaurant photos with delicious bamboo biryani, Pottichoro, and other South Indian, Kerala, and Asian dishes.

Panoor Restaurant Al Khor Reviews:

There is always a good side and a bad side of the restaurant according to the customer. Read how people are explaining the services, Panoor restaurant menu, and reviews.

Family Gatherings and Dining

Good: His overall experience was good and recommended for a family and friends gathering dine-out. Praises the vegetarian food and says options are available in Panoor restaurant menu to choose from.
Bad: During dinner time it is very busy and cleanliness can be improved for better serving.

Never Order Again

Bad: Very poor service regarding the delivery, he ordered and after calling 4 times they said we missed the order.

Average Indian restaurant in Khor (CeePeeEM)

Bad: As they stated they ordered biryani both chicken and bamboo. Chicken biryani was ok but Bamboo Biryani was not good oily, smell of oil.

Great food and service (Martin & Nicky)

Good: The food was good and really tasty, recommended for the exceptional value of money. The staff was helpful in the selection of the food. Chicken tikka masala, mini popadoms, and chicken butter masala were awesome. Worth trying.


Dine-in Options: They offer lunch and dinner options to fulfill your cravings and are always busy with walk-in customers.

Food & Service: They provide exceptional value for money, and the service was outstanding as customer gave their feedback some of them said bad service but overall everyone has their own experience.

Variety: They had a variety of food options available even they had juices and different kinds of dishes to try.

FAQs – Panoor Restaurant:

Why their fish curry is famous?

A customer says: Fish Currie has just enough heat, fish is fresh. Rice is always fresh and cooked well. Vegetarian dishes are very flavorful.

Why do people love Panoor Biryani in Qatar?

Chicken Biryani: As stated people giving positive reviews about the chicken biryani. Filled with taste and options to have a healthy dinner or lunch.
Bamboo Biryani: Everyone on different platforms is praising the bamboo biryani which is served in bamboo. Filled with taste and fresh ingredients.

Where can I get the best breakfast in Qatar?

As people show a positive attitude for breakfast the puri, pothichoru(Kerala dish), and other options to start your morning.

Do they provide Home Delivery to Al-Khor?

Yes, they do but many people have negative reviews about the delivery service, either they miss the order or fail to deliver on time.

Do their chefs provide good cooking?

They offer a variety of foods in their restaurant by skilled chefs like Kerala dishes, Asian and vegetarian.

What kinds of cuisine options do they provide?

Asian, Indian, South Indian, Kerala.

Kind of dine-in Options?

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.