Latest build of Laravel 5 creating weird problem while running PHP Artisan Serve command. Previous versions supports artisan command but now you have to use “Homestead” to start your application. Using latest laravel version? then notice PHP artisan serve not working anymore.
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PHP Artisan Serve Replacement

Laravel 5 replace the artisan command with Homestead way which is more easy to use.

php -S localhost:8000 -t public/

The above line of code introduces by Laravel new release 5.x documentation. An appropriate way to run local development server of Laravel. Command remove because laravel want’s to encourage developers to use homestead.
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Localhost:8000 Laravel – Not working

Most of the time developers stuck in starting local development server laravel. Port problem occurs because the port 8000 assigned to laravel is busy. How to check if port is busy.
First check your :8000 port may be its busy .
netstat -anp tcp | grep 8000
You can kill it or try to load it using another port.