A passport is happiness that will change your mood and gesture after getting it. There are 10 most powerful passports in the world, whose citizen have permission to get visa on arrival without visiting embassy. Read 5 Tourism mistakes to avoid before travel. There are number of countries who provide freedom of travel to their citizen more then 173 Countries.

Visa on arrival depend on your country policy which are free for you. No need to apply for visa, means your passport says a lot more then you realize you have access to world. After List of 10 powerful passports in world, you can get freedom for tourism.

List of 10 Most Powerful Passports:

  1. United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland (173 countries)
  2. USA, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg (172 countries)  
  3. Italy, Belgium and Netherlands (171 countries) 
  4. Ireland, Canada, France, Japan, Norway, Portugal and Spain (170 countries)
  5. Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand (168 countries) 
  6. Australia, Singapore, Greece (167 countries)
  7. South Korea (166 countries) 
  8. Iceland (165 countries)
  9. Malaysia AND Malta (163 countries)
  10. Liechtenstein (159 countries) 

10 Powerful Passports to get on arrival visa for Tour Video

No specific passport gives you freedom but your state agreement with other countries gives you freedom. We collect list of 10 countries having powerful passport. Highest number in our list is 173 Countries include United kingdom, Sweden have tourism freedom. Read Dangerous beautiful places on earth.