Qinwan Dates is famous for its delicious and unique filling in dates. They provide 5 types of date filling Nutty, Choco, Plain, Assorted, and Fruity. All these dates are filled with delicious ingredients like Coconut, Apricot, Pistachio Halwa, Peanut butter, Saffron & Cardamom, coated with chocolate like dark chocolate, milk chocolate oreo biscuit, etc. They provide very premium, fresh, and healthy dates in Qatar. If you’re not in the mood to gift only Dates to your loved one check out these 10 gift ideas this Ramadan.

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Dates Hinge Tin Box – Yellow Qinwan Dates

Price: 535 QR
Weight: 2.5 KG

qinwan dates tin box gift

A beautifully printed Qatar monument and Qatar theme tin date box weighted 2.5 KG. A perfect date box to gift your loved one with different fillings available by Qinwan. The following fillings are available for this option.

Fillings available: Assorted nuts with fruits, Plain dates, Assorted nuts, Assorted fruits, Assorted cream, Mixed Fillings of all.

Doha Dhow Big Box

Price: 270 QR
Weight: 1 kg

Doha dhow assorted nuts with fruits date box

A beautifully adorned box with a stunning painting featuring the iconic Doha dhow weighted 1 KG. Share the joy of Ramadan with these extraordinary date boxes by Qinwan Dates. Each element is perfectly presented and packed in a column manner. These dates are sweet in flavor, making every bite a heavenly experience.

Fillings available: Plain dates, Assorted nuts with fruits, Assorted nuts, Assorted fruits, Assorted cream, Mixed Fillings of all.

Figs with Walnut

Price: 195 QR
Weight: 0.75KG


Treat yourself to the delicious mix of figs and nuts by Qinwan Dates! This delightful combination will make your Iftar meal extra special. Packed in a beautifully decorated blue box, this amazing gift is the best part of your loved one’s Ramadan celebration in 2024. Order these filled date boxes from us.

Custom Filling: No

Kuwait Special Edition Date Box

Price: 270 QR
Weight: 1 KG

Kuwait special edition date box to gift this Ramadan your loved one a column sorted date box. Feast your friends and family with these Qinwan date boxes for a special Ramadan iftar and share the sweetness.