Has your device been stolen or lost? We will try to recover it and avoid problems with your account.

First, you can try to locate it with the “ Android Device Manager “. Access this link: android.com/find with the Google account that you had on your lost/stolen device. From there you can block it, erase its data and locate it. Keep in mind that to locate it, the device should have the location activated and have an internet connection at the time you access the Android Device Manager.

What to do if you can locate the device?

Go out in search of it (if it is near your location) or immediately call the authorities in your country and explain your situation. I recommend that you lock and set a password to the device from the “Android Device Manager” by clicking on ” Lock “.

Along with the option to set the password, you will be given the possibility to define a message with a personalized text and to put another contact number to be able to call you. Without a doubt, this is the best way to track a phone over the internet from your PC.

What to do if you cannot locate the device?

Some older devices may not have the permissions enabled to perform wipe and lock actions. If from the Android Device Manager you are not allowed to block or erase your device, I am afraid that you will have to go directly to trying to locate the device through the IMEI.

If after consulting the “Android Device Manager ” you have not been able to locate it, (if it is a phone) call your own number in case a good person has found it. If he doesn’t answer your call after several attempts, I’m afraid we will have to give up on him. We are going to prevent the thief from having access to the information of our account or that of our device:

  • Delete the data from your device by clicking on ” Delete ” in the ” Android Device Manager” . By performing this action, all information on your device will be erased, including access to your Google Account . It is not necessary to change your account password after performing this step since the access data to your account cannot be recovered by the thief. Anyway, if you are going to be more calm, you can do it through this link: Password – My Google account .
  • Attention !: If you remove access to the stolen device fromSecurity: devices – My Google account, you will not be able to access the “Android Device Manager” againto try to locate it, erase its data or block it.

All the steps described above require the device to be connected to the internet. If at the time you perform the steps you are not connected to the internet, the actions will be carried out as soon as the device connects to any network.

If you have the IMEI pointed out, it can also help us to recover our device, since the operator and the authorities of your country can locate your device as long as it is not locked or turned off. The IMEI is a code that uniquely identifies the device worldwide, and is transmitted by the device to the network.

This means, among other things, that the operator we use not only knows who and from where the call is made (SIM), but also from which terminal it was made (IMEI). Keep in mind that it also depends on how willing the operator is to do it. Consider that most providers sell terminals and recovering one implies a probable sale less.

To recover the IMEI of the device, we must access the following link with the account that is on the stolen / lost device: Google Control Panel – My Account and click on ” Android “. Once pressed, the data of our device will be displayed, including the IMEI .