Welcome to Sharwa Qissa Restaurant & Cafe, the ultimate dining destination in Doha, conveniently situated near Bin Mahmoud metro station and the mosque. As one of the finest Indian restaurants in the area, we take pride in offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Thali options every Friday.

Our restaurant stands out for its cleanliness and serves an array of authentic Indian dishes that promise a truly distinctive culinary experience.

They provide The thali meal, the best desserts, natural juices, and various types of tea & coffee.

Ambiance: Good ambiance with nice seating space for dining in.

Family Restaurant: Separate family seating to have dinner with your friends and family.

Thali Meal: In Friday special they provide the veg and non-veg thali. Which is good in taste.

Kerala Special Food: Get all the Kerala special dishes with a traditional taste at reasonable prices.

Party hall: Party hall to celebrate your gatherings and events in Qatar.

Must try:

  • Fish
  • Non-Veg Thali
  • Chattichor Kerala style
  • Seafood
  • Tasty Soup
  • Sea Food Chattichor Barbecue Chicken
  • Chicken Roast
  • Schezwan Fried Rice Chicken
  • Fish Curry Meals
  • Chicken BBQ Platter
  • Chicken Masala

Gallery – Sharwa Qissa Restaurant

Sharwa Qissa Restaurant gallery and images showing how the ambiance and what are the Sharwa Qissa Restaurant menu.

Sharwa Qissa Restaurant Reviews

Sharwa Qissa Restaurant reviews describe how they are treating the customer, how they are serving what are their specialty, and recommended dishes. Explore the

Availability issue (Sailesh Nair)

I had a disappointing experience with their service. Despite calling ahead to confirm the availability of Chatti Choru, I was told it was sold out when I arrived at 1:15 pm. Furthermore, basic amenities such as hot water were still unavailable by 1:45 pm.

Undercooked chicken (Afrin Ajward)

My first experience trying their shawarma left much to be desired. The chicken was undercooked, which was quite disappointing. What added to the letdown was the lack of effort from the staff to connect with customers. Overall, it wasn’t a positive experience for me.

Delicious food in Chill Atmosphere (Simpow Gits)

Whenever I find myself in Doha craving some delicious food in a chill atmosphere, this is my go-to spot. It’s super convenient too – just a quick metro ride to Bin Mahmoud, then exit West to reach the hotel. The services they offer are always top-notch, which is why I keep coming back!

Wow what an experience (Jeffrey Skinner)

Wow, what an experience! My friends and I, being Americans, decided to give Qissa Cafe a try, and let me tell you, it was fantastic! The staff was incredibly friendly and eager to help us navigate the menu. They even offered some great recommendations. We opted for the buffet at 30 qtr, and it was worth it. The food was so fresh and flavorful, and don’t even get me started on the delicious juices we sampled. Can’t wait to go back for more!

FAQs – Sharwa Qissa Restaurant & Cafe

Sharwa Qissa Restaurant most asked questions are here to give you the answers all the questions in your mind.

What about the behavior of staff?

The staff is responsive courteous and helpful.

What about the Parking Option?

Limited parking space, hard to find a suitable parking space as it is reserved.

Why do people love to have the food?

A good presentation of the food pleased the customer to attract towards it. A nice serving style.

What kind of services do they provide?

Dine-in, Lunch, and best services of catering to serve their customer the best food.

Why do people love to have food here?

Tasty and quality food with good taste. Food is up to the price.