The pandemic has changed the way organizations work. Starting from meetings to interviews to presentations, everything is now happening online. Hence, the difference between live and online communication is very much evident. People have been relying on PowerPoint presentations more than ever at this very moment. And why not? 

Presentations with a tremendous visual appeal and crisp keywords have always proven to communicate in a better way. After all, if meetings are too wordy, you always tend to lose interest in the middle. Excelling in documenting, excel and PowerPoint presentations is something that all the HR’s look for in a candidate during the screening process. So, if you want to create effective PowerPoint presentations, read on.

Fewer Words, More Information

The whole point of presentations is to cut down on the wordy speech and explanations that you have to give. You can learn how to convert pdf to powerpoint if you find a relevant document that already has the necessary points that could be included in the presentation.

You can also use different graphs, clip arts, and data snippets to enrich the information. There is no need to detail everything that is unnecessary and is assumed in a room full of people. The hack is to keep the presentation crisp, honest, and easy to understand. 

Don’t Complicate It With Too Many Slide Transitions

Slide transitions might look extremely interesting to you at the very beginning, but with time, you’d understand that the scope of transitions is very limited when it comes to creating an effective presentation. The transitions are nice when you are making reels on Instagram or creating a promo video, but not when you are trying to prove a point to your audience. 

If you use transitions like fracture, checkerboard, and peel-off, you are trying to provide a descriptive presentation about reaching the monthly sales target. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep your audience engaged

Focus on FoAnts and Ease of Readability

The right fonts give your audience a way to visualize the information with ease. Imagine sitting in a class with a teacher whose method of teaching you don’t like; you are bound to fall asleep and lose interest in the topic, even if it is your favorite subject. The same goes with the presentations, and if they are not interactive, then you are missing out on something huge. 

Times New Roman and Calibri are sweet fonts that you can use on a word file that fits into a 16-inch laptop screen or on paper, but the same will not look nice when you use the projector. According to industry standards, fonts like Arial, Verdana, Garamond, Helvetica art preferred PPT fonts. 

Pick the Right Color Scheme and Theme

Believe it or not, there is something called the psychology of color. It is not something too complicated, to say the least; it is a surface interpretation of what different colors make human beings feel. For example, colors like ‘blue’ garner trust and faith; ‘red’ is powerful and alerts people, ‘black’ represents dark nature, the gothic world, and so on. 

Color schemes become extremely important as the color scheme in your theme will more or less remain constant throughout your presentation. Lastly, always go for simpler themes and use light and dark colors when working with backgrounds and headlines.

Be Confident – Do a Demo Presentation

Your presentation will be your presentation only and only if you know it to the very end. While making the presentation, it is essential to ideate your content, and the only way to do it is research! There is no stepping back from the stage where you have to plan your content, so as you pick a topic, make sure that you go back and forth to every detail that needs to be focused upon. 

Once you are done with the presentation, it is crucial to know it from an audience’s perspective. You can show your presentation to a dear friend and try to explain the statistics to them. By doing that demo, you’d know the deeper nuances of your production. It will also help you to time your presentation and brush you up on your presentation skills. 

Final Words

If you know the art of creating an effective PowerPoint presentation, then the world would look simpler and more organized than it is now. You will have the freedom to play around with words, themes, graphs and charts, images, and more, but make sure that your content does justice to what you are trying to prove. You can be someone who knows-it-all, but the key to a powerful PPT is confidence and density of research, so make sure that you never leave a single stone unturned as you go along the way.