What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a phase of software development life cycle. Basically Software testing process starts when other phases completed in software development. Software testing aims to check certain aspects of a software system (or a part of it). On the other hand, it is to test the working of software product matches the expected output in different environment or in different configurations.

Software testing is to ensure the features of the software is gathered and completed.

Importance of Software Testing?

A developer task is to convert the requirement into code, before handing over it to the client, make sure its bug free. Importance of Software can be define as the client or QA person making sure that the delivered software is the right software.

Significance of Software Testing:

Software in different industries e.g. medicals, air planes, banking are very crucial if a bug appears you are risking the lives. Consider the following example of Software testing.

The terminal in London (Bloomberg) crashed due to software glitch. Affected more than 300,000 traders on financial markets. It forced the government to postpone a 3bn pound debt sale.

In April 2015,

The customer satisfaction in software development can be gain by properly testing the software. A product must provide reliability, security and high performance. As a result software is time saving, cost effective and satisfactory.

Benefits of Software Testing:

The best benefit of software testing that “if we test the applications the n number of time and launch into the market then there will be the least probability that the probability that product fails”. Here are some more benefits of software testing.

  • Reduced risk of failures(or incidents) once system are transferred to live operation.
  • Demonstrative proof that business requirements have been met.
  • Assurance that the system will function appropriately with existing legacy system where required and will integrate with other systems as necessary.

Verification is about are you making the product right whatever you are doing should work and perfectly work that is bug free.