Searching for an easy way on how to take screenshot on MacBook?. We do not have any snipping tool for mac. Command + shift + numbers are used, while external applications can be use for mac screenshot. We are here to explain different key combinations of taking screenshot in Macbook.

Windows 10 provide the facility to take screenshot, with a single button “print screen”. Other options are applications which ease your work and quickly edit the screenshot facility by “light-shot”..

There is a way alright, you can always use “grab” but it makes the whole screenshot business a little tedious especially when you have to take multiple screenshots.

How to Take Screenshots in Macbook:

Time needed: 1 minute

Apple MacBook or iMac have built in functionality to capture screenshot in different manner. Some of MacBook key combination to take screenshot with slight differences:

  1. Command + Shift + 3 (saved on desktop)

    The key combination Command+shift+3 take the screenshot instantly of whole screen. The captured screenshot saved on your desktop wall with the date and timestamp so you can sort it by date.

  2. Command + Shift + 4 (saved on desktop)

    Allows you to select an area for the screenshot and then saves the PNG on your desktop with the date and time stamp. You could also press the space key after you hold press command-shift-4. This would allow you to take a screenshot of a particular window.

  3. Command + Control + Shift + 3 (saved on clipboard)

    The screenshot is saved to the clipboard, exactly the same when you press the print screen button in windows.

  4. Command + Control +Shift + 4 (saved on clipboard)

    The Command + control + shift + 4 let you select the desired area. Paste screenshot any where because it is saved to the clipboard.

  5. Command + Control + 5

    Key combination You have a key combination that lets you take a scrolling screenshot on your Mac. Press Shift + Command + 5 simultaneously. The grey capture panel will appear on your screen. This is the entire screenshot function.

remove/delete screenshot on mac

How to delete screenshots on a Mac:

The data of screenshot files are not consuming more than 1 MB of memory individually. A huge list of screenshots can consume gigabytes of your disk space. Unimportant screenshots could be a mess so learn how to delete screenshots on Mac.

Besides, storing screenshots on different location in disk makes it difficult to find and delete them. Therefore, we recommend using the Cleaner-App for mac to remove screenshots from your Mac.

Follow the steps to get rid of useless screenshots:

  1. Launch Cleaner-App.
  2. Select the Screenshots section. Sort files by size, name or date for your convenience. Choose some unnecessary files or click Select All. Then, click the Review and Remove button.
  3. Skim the files you are going to delete and click Remove.
  4. Empty the trash bin to free up space on your Mac.
screenshot in macbook tricks and questions

FAQ’s – Screenshot in MacBook

We hope that this would improve your OSX experience and speed up your day-to-day tasks. Keep us posted!

How to take screenshot in Macbook of whole of the screen?

You can press (Command + shift + 3) to take the instant screenshot of whole screen in your MacBook.

How to Capture portion of screen in MacBook or selected area in Macbook screenshot?

You can press (Command + shift + 4) , then select the area you want to take screenshot in MacBook.

Where is my screenshot saved on MacBook?

By default if you capture a screenshot, Go to desktop and there is your screenshot with a name “screenshot followed by date + time“.
It helps you to quickly filter out the screenshot by date and time.

Screenshot on my MacBook not working correctly what to do ?

If you are unable to screenshot on your Macbook, shutdown down your mac and restart it again.

How to take a scrolling screenshot in MacBook?

You have a key combination that lets you take a scrolling screenshot on your Mac. Press Shift + Command + 5 simultaneously. The grey capture panel will appear on your screen.