People try hard to make their journey memorable, by doing fun and enjoying included in the human rights. Even though packing every thing that will make your days, but suggestion is to read 5 Mistakes to avoid on vacation/trip. Never plan according to your facility or wish. Plan according to the weather of the country you are visiting. Therefore you must plan your each and every day in advance like where you have to be and what to do. These are the 6 things to know before you traveling internationally.

Credit Card or Cash:

While traveling internationally the first mistake we carry bunch of cash. To enjoy trouble free tour, carry your Visa or MasterCard. These card will help you to avail facilities in Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls specially for Food refreshments. Take some local cash as well to buy street food and local souvenirs.

Before using credit card mention your bank first about using abroad. Swapping internationally without prior notification can cause card block or payment rejection.

Visa & Travel Documents:

Visa, Passport and ticket are necessary to travel internationally. You can avail visa on arrival having powerful passport for different countries facility because, most countries offers on arrival visas. Read which country allows on arrival visas. If Visa is necessary then contact a trustworthy travel agency around you. The travel agencies which have proper management will guide and get you a visa via proper way to avoid rejection while boarding.

Stay out of frauds, avoid cheap passports and visa via illegal methods can cause you jail.

Booking Of Hotels:

Heavy luggage in unknown country could be a bigger problem. Make most of every moment and read tips where to Book hotels on trip. Before winging checkout the list of hotels, and book via phone or online website. Use online booking website to reserve online hotel rooms. Ask travel agents for hotel reservation.

Before landing to unknown country book hotel to avoid unknown cruelties or read important tips about Hotel on trip.

Manage Health during Journey:

Weather of every single country is different from homeland. Some time we travel to country and it is difficult to withstand the weather and climatic condition.

May be you have common disease i.e. blood pressure, fever etc. Consult your doctor, take medicine, as well as medical prescription to avoid airport security checks.

So must take medicine which are suitable for you because it not necessary that the local medicine which suits you are easily available in other countries.

Don’t forget to take medical insurance from your homeland too as it will help you in case of any emergency throughout your journey regarding heavy expense of treatment in international hospitals.

Traveling Precautions:

Flights are scheduled on exact time but reach the airport 2 or 3 hours before flying. Also make your mind ready for waiting as flight may delay because of weather or any other circumstance.

Avoid cheap flights, keep eye on your bag, keep important documents with you.

Culture and language:

Read about culture and language of the country which you will travel, also take some clothes and other essential according to their culture. Make yourself familiar with their local food if you are adjustable with it that’s good if not than be prepare for some fast food like pizza or some packed meal.

Try some local food on the streets which are rushed or crowded rather than 5 star restaurants.

In eastern countries like China, few people are familiar with English, because they stick with their own language. In these type countries where English is not very popular you must need a translator.

Install “translating application” in Smart Phone is better then hiring a translator which is expensive for individual.

If you are little bit familiar with that language that may also work out for you just fine.