Holy travels have their significance in every religion and according to Islamic religion as it is about Hajj & Umrah. Every year thousands of pilgrims go for Hajj to Mecca & Medina for the healing of their souls with the blessings of Almighty ALLAH. Nowadays Hajj seems to be luxurious with several facilities including short hajj packages.

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What is a Short Hajj Package: 

Short Hajj Packages are made for that pilgrim who wants to perform Hajj on tentative dates. These are available for fewer days with no azizah or additional facilities and features could be added with extra charges.

Short Budget Hajj packages:

For USA and UK: Travel agencies in the USA and UK provide short (no express hajj packages) where there is no Azizyah included and they can vary from 12 to 14 days.

For Pakistan: In Pakistan, there are short hajj packages from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities where travel agents provide the best packages for hajj with different facilities to avail.

Choose a best travel partner who is caring not how provide low budget Hajj package or Umrah package.

  • Visa and passport.
  • Travel and luggage.
  • Hotel and transport.
  • Food and tents of mina.
  • Ziaraats and Qurbani.
Say Alhumdullillah because,

Every step of those performing hajj brings reward. Every moment you have whatever you’re doing, is an opportunity to gain blessing.

Limited Seats: are available for short hajj packages, the quota assigned by the Saudi Arabia government to international agencies and the Ministry of Hajj. It is better to keep searching and subscribing or reading news feeds via travel agencies that provide such packages with tremendous services.

Other Types of Hajj Packages:

The Hajj package can have hotel booking, accommodation, food, and services of Mina, Muzdalifah, Azizia, Makkah & Medina.

  1. Economy Hajj
  2. Luxury Hajj
  3. Executive Hajj
  4. Budget Hajj

Note: Pilgrims can also avail of different types of Qurbani as per need while performing Hajj Manasiks.

The lowest number of days in the Hajj package?

12 – 14 days of short hajj packages are available.

Why do people choose a Hajj short package over a normal hajj package?

Normally, business owners who have less time to spend on religion or have emergencies to perform holy journeys choose a short hajj package.
1. Aziza is not included in this package.
2. Limited seats are available for the holy journey
3. Fewer days package (13 or 14) to fulfil the holy visit (arakan).

NOTE: normal hajj packages have 19 or 24 days and more facilities.

Why do travel agencies make short hajj packages?

Packages are made for business persons who have less time for holy travels. Also, travel agencies in the world especially in the USA and Pakistan provide their pilgrims with short packages. Normal people are available to facilitate their pilgrims.

Why do people choose Five-star Hajj packages?

Thousands of pilgrims choose the best hajj packages from the USA due to the facilities available in the package. Five-star hotels, buffets in Makkah and Madinah, educational programs, AC buses, historical site visits, airfare, and others.

How to choose a hajj Package?

we observe from the reviews of pilgrims HAJJ packages of al-khair could facilitate you better than any other travel partner.