Among the number of topologies, what is Tree topology? It has all the nodes placed in the form of a tree. From a topological view, the tree connection is similar to a series of interconnected star networks except that it does not have a central node. Instead, it has a trunk link node, usually occupied by a hub or switch, from which the other nodes branch. It is a variation of the bus network, the failure of a node does not imply interruption in communications. The same communications channel is shared. The other thing is what are the advantages and disadvantages of Tree Topology.

Tree Topology is Combination of Star:

The tree topology can be seen as a combination of several star topologies. Both the tree and the star are similar to the bus when the interconnection node works in broadcast mode since the information is propagated to all stations, only in this topology the branches extend from a root point ( star), as many branches as possible, depending on the characteristics of the tree.

Tree Topology: Advantages and Disadvantages:

Every topology has its own unique features and benefits, besides the uniqueness, there are some pros and cons of tree topology explained in a manner for easy understanding.

Advantages of Tree Topology:

  1. Multiple devices can be attached because of the secondary hub. A signal can able to travel to distance because of the central hub device.
  2. Tree Topology is one of the best alternatives to apply other topologies in real life.
  3. Tree topology enables the differentiated services to prioritize communication between devices. e.g. computers attached to one secondary hub can be given priority over others.
  4. Differentiated service enables not to wait for the access of network while sharing Time Sensitive Data.
  5. Advantages are mostly similar to the Star Topology in computer networking.
  6. Error detection is easy and correction therefore may easy.
  7. Each computer is connected with point to point wiring or connection to a central hub.

Disadvantages of Tree Topology:

  1. Main bus cable are used so tree topology is not reliable because it depends on bus cable. If the main cable or bus cable breaks the network will shut down or slow.
  2. Maintenance mode will be difficult for this network because more nodes added to it.
  3. Difficulty in adding more nodes because it depends on the cable used.
How does tree topology work?

Topology in which all the nodes(computers + printers etc) connected like branches of tree. As an example, tree topology used in a corporate network to expand the network in a manner that all staff and departments used it.

What is the benefit of tree topology? how much can we expand it?

A topology that gives high scalability, means you can expand the network as much as you can in the hierarchical chain.

What about the security of tree topology?

As defined above, tree topology provide scalability as well as security. But the suggestion is not to use it for large network such as an area.

Is tree a fastest topology?

Star topology is more fast then tree. read the the above question expanding the tree topology.

What about the pricing of tree topology is it cheap ?

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