Looking for an exceptional dining experience with a pleasant ambiance and a less crowded place with exceptional taste White Palace Restaurant is the best choice. Top-rated Mandi, variety of beef dishes, and different kinds of buffet at White Palace Restaurant. People are crazy about the White Palace restaurant menu, especially the bone marrow, beef ribs, and beef mandi.

Family restaurant: The ambiance and the dining spaces with exceptional dining experience both are best suitable for groups/families.

South Indian Dishes: The people who are in love with the buffet said “a decent and delicious south Indian buffet in Qatar“.

Kerala Buffet: Kerala buffet I decided to try the roasted chicken, which was cooked to perfection with juicy, tender meat and crispy skin.

Must Try:

  • Biryani
  • Mandi
  • Smoked Beef / Beef Ribs
  • Mutton
  • BBQ
  • Bone Marrow
  • Parotta

Menu – White Palace Restaurant

White Palace’s menu offered a variety of dishes, ranging from classic comfort foods to more innovative and creative options. They serve Chinese, South Indian, and Kerala buffets.

White Palace Restaurant Gallery:

Special Dishes of White Palace Restaurant:

Most commonly a restaurant decides what are their speciality, but we believe people choose what is the best here are some customer preferences for what is the best.

Beef Variety:

Beef lovers never stay behind to taste the delicious beef variety. Their Beef Ribs are the most loved and unique marked by customers. The masala(spice) in the beef ribs makes it unique.

Grill Platter:

Ordered the grill platter thing and this delicious chicken dish.


One of the famous mandi restaurants in Ainkhalid. The quality of the Beef mandi was amazing. Mandi and Beef Rib is one of the unique dishes those who love bit oily Mandi can try at this place.

Roasted Chicken:

I decided to try the roasted chicken, which was cooked to perfection with juicy, tender meat and crispy skin. The dish was accompanied by a side of garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, all of which were equally delicious.

Drinks & Beverages:

The lemon mint drink is very tasty as well. The drinks were also very nice mango lassi and a cocktail.

White Palace Restaurant Reviews:

These reviews are based on customer experience researched from different platforms. But we are sure that everyone has a different kind of perspective and experience so we just publish the appropriate thing.

Review 1: Muthayyan Dasan

We enjoy visiting the White Palace Restaurant in Qatar and the exceptional dining experience. The food was truly awesome and we had a fantastic meal. We recommend everyone to visit.

Review 2: Emil Sebastian

Soup: We order a soup that is costly lacks thickness and is watery which disappoints us.
Beef Combo: A beef combo that is suitable for 8 people but the quantity was too low hardly 5 people can eat it.
Not Fresh: The beef was not fresh and the bone marrow had spice which gave some taste.
Not Satisfied: The food they give at that price, we are not satisfied.
Good Thing: However the ambiance and the service were outstanding and the restaurant is not overcrowded gives us some comfort.

Review 3: Feroz Siddiqui

Very Crowded: We had our visit late Friday, we felt it was very crowded but they managed us to settle on the table.
Perfect Mandi: Later on we ordered bone marrow Mandi which came on a surprisingly large pair of racks and the bone marrow was grilled to perfection. That is melted in the mouth easily we had the best experience.
Service: Services is outstanding but the tables are too close to adjust between people.

Review 4: Nikhin chandra.k

Kerala Taste: I ordered a Sea Bass Fish BBQ with Indian Porotta, Black tea, and Kerala Samamar tea.
Lack of Spiciness: The Qatari People use low-spiced things, as I need extra spicy so I requested that thing and they arranged it to increase the taste.
Presentation: The presentation of the food was very good. The sea bass taste was awesome. The black tea was good, but the Kerala Samamar tea was average. We could share a sea bass with two people.
Crowd & Parking: Large number of people and crowds on weekends. Parking can be arranged on normal days easily.

Review 5: Sreejith Sreedharan

Fantastic Place: White Palace Restaurant Qatar is one of the fantastic places that love Kerala, Arabic, and Asian Dishes. I enjoyed the ambience and the food is so delicious and unbelievably cheap.
Service & Seating: The service is so good but the space is so congested to hardly move here and there.
Beef Leg & Ribs: As mentioned above all are giving 5 start to the mouth-watering bone marrow feast. meat is so tender and juicy, Red meat lovers should try this delicate feast.

Services & Hospitality of White Palace Restaurant:

Courteous Staff:

Customer says: the staff was very attentive and courteous as they welcomed with a smile and helped to choose.

Reasonable Prices:

The food is amazing and reasonable in terms of price. Many of them love to visit again. Even one tourist praised the price tag.


The ambiance is warm, the dim lighting, welcoming staff, and rustic decor give a cozy feel.

Runout Problem:

The service tends to be a bit slow. It is advisable to visit before 9 PM, as there is a possibility that certain dishes might run out.

Crowded or not:

Every restaurant is busy at weekends, and at white palace restaurant make sure you have time to wait for your turn.

Seating & Tables:

Customer says: I don’t like that the tables are close together. There’s hardly any space to walk between them.

Final Verdict:

Ambiance & Seating: Everyone is in love with the ambiance and decoration but the seating is bit congested and over crowded on weekends.

Parking: The parking is the issue on weekends but you can get that on normal days easily.

Specialty: Beef bone marrow which is perfectly cooked and easily melt in your mouth, you can have Kerala buffet and south Indian buffet. Also you can get Arabic dishes.

Presentation: The presentation of food is so unique that you will fall in love with this white palace restaurant.

Price: The price is average neither the expensive nor too cheap but reasonable price restaurant.

Tourist Friendly: People who visited it first time the Qatar and restaurant both fall in love with the price and food.

FAQ’s – White Palace Restaurant:

Why people fall in love with the dishes?

Everything is well decorated and has unique taste and presentation you must try you will fall in love with these too.

What are the most recommended dishes of White Palace Restaurant?

The Mandi, Beef bone marrow, Kebab Platter, Faham and some Arabic dishes are great option and delicious food will satisfy your cravings.

Do i need to reserve the table?

Before visiting the restaurant you can reserve your table but according to the people they had reserve and didn’t found suitable the reservation. Because on weekends the restaurant is over crowded and you won’t find it suitable to reserve the table.

What about the parking?

On regular weekdays parking is available. However, on weekends, it becomes challenging to park at a suitable place.