Reasons to adopt a puppy and alternatives

If you have ever browsed the internet, you may have seen some pictures and videos of little dogs doing all sorts of crazy adorable things. Starting from just tapping in the sun , trying to carry the Sunday edition newspaper which is 2 times bigger than them …. It may take you a long time to get a new puppy! But why do people choose to get a puppy? Why a puppy instead of an old dog? Or for that matter, instead of a cat, bird, rabbit or donkey?

People adopt puppy because they are cute

As a person who has worked with dogs most of his life, you would think that at some point I might become desensitized in the eyes of a fluffy puppy and small animal. But I can tell you that it is not so. And hopefully, there is never a day where I am not as tired as I feel. So when we talk about this topic, you can not go down the first reason people get a puppy is their big adoring factor.

This is number one. You really can’t blame anyone for having this as their first compelling argument as to why they need to get a puppy. Who does not want a teddy bear? Or a big-headed puppy running around the house trying to figure out how to use the stairs and not touch it when eating dinner? (Please note that puppies are not stuffed animals, little people in the stuffed animal body, nor a current bear. Please respect your dog’s dog needs.)

One of the hardest truths of the animal industry is that puppies grow up, and that the adorable, fluffy puppy grows into a mature and proportionate version of its smaller self. This is certainly not a bad thing, but it is just a fact of life, but some people may be disappointed that their puppy is no longer the beautiful ball of fingers they once were.

She has encouraged some of those people to try to find a new home for their dog.

When you think of getting a puppy, it is always important to remember that they grow! I know that sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget that the 10-pound Big Puppy in just a few months can weigh 100 pounds and eat 6 cups of expensive dog food a day! If you are not sure that you will be able to handle the adult version of this little puppy, then it may not be time to get one.

People adopt puppy to raise them the way they want

Another reason we hear so often from people why they want to get a puppy, as opposed to an older dog, is that they have a chance to bond with him as a puppy and can ensure that socialization is done properly should. To be honest, this is a great one for us. Starting a puppy the right way in life with training, socialization, treatment and desensitization is a key to having the dog you have always wanted. But if you are not able to spend time doing the training if you do not have the skills, or do not have the money to be able to hire help, then you have created a situation that only makes your life harder down the road.

Your ability to assess how well you can take on the task of companioning and laying a foundation for a puppy is key here.

Are you able to commit to getting a puppy new places, slowly introducing them to young dogs you know will respect a puppy and work to show them that things they never like should be done (like holding their paws their nails)?

People Adopt Puppies As Kids Practice

Children practice! Ah, that’s one reason I see a LOT (whether people accept it out loud or not). A lovely couple in their early 20s decide to take a puppy together to make their new home a home. It’s a great way to work together and learn how well you are raising something together before you have kids, right? Well, yes and no. Raising a puppy has some of the same requirements as raising a child (but with much lower levels of responsibility). So for the couple, this can be a big test. But what happens when the dog grows up?

What happens when you are successful and responsible for keeping this life small and now is the time to grow the big show and have kids? Where does this dog fall into this? She has spent her whole life as a child with faithful practice, living to her potential and being all that can be to you. This is not the time to set the dog aside because you are ready to move. Life always evolves and we move easily into its new stages, but just remember to bring your dog and prepare them for the next stage of family adventure by preparing them for a new baby.

People adopt puppy to replace their grown children

Replacement children! Oh boy, are we seeing too many of them. Children grow up and leave the house? Time for a new dog! Honestly, this is such a great reason to get a puppy. It has been shown that having a dog around can reduce stress levels and increase happiness and purpose. Some of the best dogs we have come up with are replacement kids. But, it can also go other ways very quickly. What we see most is someone with less energy and mobility getting a new puppy and not being able to keep up with the young dog’s energy level. To help people find new puppies, we have found that the key is to match the breed and group breed of puppy with the personality of the new owner. Getting an Australian Shepherd puppy when you are unable to walk for a mile or 2 a day is often not a good match. But finding an older painter or mix that has matured and does not require as much activity may be a better fit, not that I am implying that older people cannot do a great job with a puppy. high energy. It just requires a little thought and preparation.

People adopt puppy to shut down their children’s livelihood

Substitute children! The DINK family is fast becoming a model adopted by many people. Children without living children are no longer viewed the way they once were, and a large part of that lifestyle is often our pets. To be honest, this is me. I WANT to be an uncle and dependent on my nephews and nephew, but one of the best parts is sending them home at the end of our time together!

This leaves me able to move on with so many other things that I would not be able to afford if I had to take care of the children. But, it also makes the relationship with my dogs much more important to me. Dogs are my choice for children because of their simplicity, ease and level of responsibility. I know many other people who are opting for the same.

What are some alternatives to adopting a dog now?

So I presented all this information to you, right? What if I made a point of thinking that a puppy is not for you … is all hope lost? Jo. When deciding whether to get a puppy or not, what I said is only part of the equation. Your friends and family, lifestyle and experiences can all change all the points I have made.

Why you might want to adopt an adult dog instead of a puppy

There are a few other things to think about as alternatives to getting a puppy. First of all, what about an adult dog? Adopting an adult dog (4+ years old) will help your energy, training and society need it more easily. All the anxiety of dogs and teens has subsided, and often the personality you see now is what the rest of their lives will be like (with some warnings you can certainly hear on this podcast about getting a rescue dog).

Why You May Want to Adopt a Senior Dog Instead of a Puppy

One of the saddest things about the animal adoption system is that older animals have less love. As dogs grow, people do not want to get health problems and shorter life expectancy. I can certainly understand the reluctance to join a dog that may be alone in your life even for a few years. But at the same time, having an older dog allows for a very casual lifestyle. They often require very little training and just want to absorb all the love and affection that can accumulate on them. I always try to guide people in this direction, is that they are not sure what their life will look like 5 or 10 years on the road, but they are sure they will have stability for years to come. Think t ‘

Why you might want to adopt an animal other than a puppy

Sometimes, a dog is not the right choice at the time. So why not consider another animal? A cat maybe? Or a bird or a rabbit? Being a proven and real dog person, I am not the person to ask here. But, I know for a fact that some of our other online channels like cats, fish, birds, and more! But like all things I have said about the puppy, no animal is an accessory. They all deserve a loving home that they are considered part of the family!

Deciding whether or not you should adopt a puppy

So does that mean it’s time for a puppy for you? This is more difficult to answer and requires you to look closely at your lifestyle and how your time looks. The dog needs structure and schedules. They need some rules and order so that they know where they fit into the package structure. The need for regular bathing walks, exercise and mental stimulation. I am lucky to have my nursery to get my dog, that takes a weight off my mind that she is having the life she needs. When we travel, this is one of the first things we find – a daily care we trust and my dog ​​loves. But there are times when a dog is much harder. She wants us to be very careful about where we live – not only should she be welcome, but it should be a good place to walk where it feels good. Does the area support having dogs around, taking dogs to the restaurant yard (or at least convenient and safe places to leave them on your front line), taking them to shops and public parks?

There are many good choices in this world when you are thinking about getting a puppy. We appreciate you visiting us here and checking out all the wonderful information we have to offer!